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ACANA™ Cat Foods

Award-winning Biologically Appropriate

Your cat is an obligate carnivore, biologically requiring a diet that is rich in protein from whole animal ingredients. ACANA recipes offer a variety of diets and flavors, brimming with protein and nutrients so your cat is getting everything they need to look and feel their best.

Taste your cat will crave

New Introducing four new acana cat recipes
With diets for kittens, adults, and indoor cats, there’s a new food for every cat. Packed with 65-70% quality ingredients from small prey animals, plus essential vitamins and minerals for peak health. ACANA has everything your cat needs to stay happy, healthy and thriving.

To support

  • coat blueHealthy skin & coat development
  • bones blueStrong muscle & bone growth
  • digestion blueHealthy digestion & immune system
  • brain blueHealthy eye & brain development & function

Protein-rich made with fresh & raw ingredients

New Enhanced recipes for better nutrition and flavor

Biologically Appropriate

  • freeze driedFREEZE-DRIED COATED
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your new ACANA Cat diets?

    A. We are launching four new exciting ACANA Cat diets, to provide Pet Lovers with more options to feed their cats. These diets are: Homestead Harvest, Bountiful Catch, Indoor Entrée and First Feast.

    We have also enhanced our existing ACANA Wild Prairie, Grasslands, and Pacifica Cat diets.

  • Are these diets all life stages?

    Our new ACANA First Feast, Wild Prairie, Grasslands, and Pacifica diets for All Life Stages, so they are appropriate for kittens as well as adult cats.

    Our new ACANA Homestead Harvest, Bountiful Catch, and Indoor Entrée diets have been formulated for Adult Maintenance. This makes these diets a great option for adult cats.

  • Will I need to transition?

    These diets are new formulas and we do recommend transitioning onto the new ACANA diets. Cats who are currently on ACANA will be okay with a short transition of 50/50 for a day or two.

    Cats that are particularly sensitive, or new to ACANA may benefit from a longer transition onto the new formulas. We recommend starting with 25% of the new ACANA diet with 75% of the previous diet, and gradually increasing the new diet over the course of a week.

  • What packaging sizes are available?

    While our ACANA First Feast recipe is only available in our 1.8kg size, all of our other ACANA Cat recipes will be available in two bag sizes: 1.8kg and 4.5kg.

  • What is the Meat Math of the new ACANA Cat diets?

    Our new ACANA Cat diets are both grain-free and grain-inclusive. Our grain-inclusive Homestead Harvest, Bountiful Catch, Indoor Entrée, and First Feast diets feature 65%-70% quality animal ingredients, 1/3 of them arrive to us fresh or raw, and there are three different animal sources in Wholeprey ratios.

    The grain-free diets, which include Wild Prairie, Grasslands, and Pacifica, feature 75% quality animal ingredients. ½ of these ingredients arrive to us fresh or raw, and there are five different animal sources in Wholeprey ratios.

  • What are the crude protein and carbohydrate percentages of the new ACANA diets?

    Our new ACANA cat diets with grain have a minimum crude protein content ranging from 34%-37%, and the carbohydrate content ranges from 21%-26%.

    Our grain-free ACANA Cat diets have a minimum crude protein content of 37%, and the carbohydrate content is 23%.

  • Which of the ACANA Cat diets should I choose?

    The ACANA Homestead Harvest, Wild Prairie, and Indoor Entrée all feature a blend of poultry ingredients that tend to be easy for cats to digest. These diets are a great option for cats who are just being introduced to ACANA, or love the taste of chicken!

    If you want a diet to help support your cats’ skin and coat, we recommend a fish-based diet like our ACANA Pacifica or Bountiful Catch. These are higher in omega-3 fatty acids which are great for skin and coat health.

    For cats that enjoy more variety, the ACANA Grasslands is a great option! The Grasslands features an exciting blend of poultry and game bird ingredients to provide a unique flavor.

  • What is the First Feast diet intended for?

    New ACANA First Feast is an all life stages diet, and is formulated to target the needs of a growing kitten. It is a great option to start your kitten on!

  • What is different about your Indoor Entrée recipe?

    Our new ACANA Indoor Entrée is an excellent option for indoor cats, who may be less active. The Indoor Entrée is lower in fat and calories to help maintain a healthy weight.